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My Meadville

My Meadville is designed to bring our community together by talking about and identifying what matters most to all of us –

the heart and soul
of the City of Meadville.

A mural of our community values designed by “Helping Youth Promote Excellence” HYPE Meadville! — at Cobblestone Cottage and Gardens LLC.

By bringing everyone who lives, works, plays and prays within the city limits into the conversation, the statement of what Meadville values most that will emerge will guide our city’s elected and appointed officials as well as individuals, agencies, groups and businesses wanting to be part of our community to make the best decisions for our future.

In use for more than a decade in communities across the country, the Community Heart & Soul method is a proven participatory process that creates a shared sense of belonging that will strengthen the social, cultural and economic vitality of our town. The Heart and Soul program has been brought to us by the Orton Foundation and the Pennsylvania Humanities Council in an effort to fully engage our entire city in identifying our core community values and laying a firm foundation for putting them to work.

Local partners and supporters include:

Meadville Redevelopment Authority
City of Meadville
Meadville Medical Center Foundation
Meadville Public Library
and others!

Our Values